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Main Jobs:

  • Investigation of the Bulding Vibrations caused by the Road Transport. Report, 2005
  • Noise mapping around Transport Routes (eg. Eger, Nyíregyháza, Bp. Ferihegy International Airport)
  • Setting of Noise Zones around the Budapest Ferihegy International Airport, 2004
  • Contribution to the work on  "Strategies and Priorities in the Railway Noise Control in Europe" (
  • Work Place Noise Control (eg. LINDAB company in Hungary)
  • Preliminary and Detailed Impact assessments for the Motorways M8 and M9 (2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007)
  • Contribution to the work on "Noise Mapping for the Slovak Republic" ("Slovak Mission" European job, 2005)
  • Designing of the Room Acoustics in the Auditoriom of the College Tessedik Sámuel Békéscsaba, 2006
  • Planing of Noise Barriers (eg. M5 Motorway, 2006)
  • Making of Environmental Monitoring Plans (eg. M3 Motorway Görbeháza-Nyíregyháza, 2005; M44  ExpresswayTiszakűrt-Kondoros, 2006)
  • Environmental Protection Planing for Shopping Centres (eg. Pápa Perla, 2006)