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Description of the Firm

"FRAMA" 01 dBH Ltd. was established as a French-Hungarian joint venture, in November 1990. The French partner, named 01 dB, is located near Lyon in Villeurbanne and has companies in Europe and USA, etc. 01dB (at present in the frame of AREVA) deals mainly with development of computer-aided measuring systems and today it is a leading company on the field not only in France but worldwide.

"FRAMA" 01 dBH Ltd. is already a 100% Hungarian company with employees having many years experience on the field of noise control and environment protection. The French partner still gives technical support with instruments and makes the French results and experience available. "FRAMA" 01dBH Ltd. has good national and international relationships and reputation too.

"FRAMA" 01 dBH Ltd. has been working with success already for 18 years and it has got a lot of experiences on the domain of Environmental Impact Assessment, Monitoring, Expertizing, Noise and Vibration Contol, Building and Room Acoustics, etc. of several great Hungarian and international jobs.